Frequently Asked Questions

The FAQ page has been developed to assist with questions in relation to all aspects of the conference, please see below as your first point of call. Alternatively, if the answer to your question is not listed below, please contact the Conference Secretariat via email at or (852) 2559 9973.

About the Conference

How can I get to the conference venue?

When will the conference be held?

Where will the conference be held?

Where can I find the information on the programme for the conference?

Is there any pre-conference workshop?

Is there any post-conference workshop?

Is there an opportunity to sponsor a Symposium Session?

Is there any field trip?


Registration and Payment

When is the registration deadline?

How can I register for the conference?

When is the last day for early-bird registration?

How much is the registration fee?

How do I make payment for the conference?

Will I receive a confirmation after the registration?

Can I transfer my registration to another person?

Can I get a refund if I cancel my registration?

Can I register as a student?

Does the conference offer any scholarship, travel grants or bursaries?

How can I get a letter of invitation for professional leave?

Can I get a Certificate of Participation after attending the Conference or the Pre-Conference workshops?


Account and Login Enquiries

I have lost my password. How can I recover it?

Can I change my login email after registration?


Submission of Abstract

How can I submit an abstract?

I have already registered for the conference. Do I use that account for the abstract submission?

How long is the oral presentation session?

What is the maximum size for poster presentation?

Where do I fill in the name of the author(s) and presenter during abstract submission?

What are the themes or tracks for the abstracts?

Can I edit my abstract after submission?

When is the deadline for abstract submission?

Will my abstract be published?

How will I know if my abstract is selected for presentation?


Student Poster Contest

Do I need to submit an abstract or the actual poster?

Do I have to register and make any payment if I want to join the Student Poster Contest?

Can I also submit an abstract of my poster for consideration for an oral presentation?

Can I include more than one author’s name on my poster?

When will I be notified of the acceptance of my poster?

Can multiple students submit one poster as co-authors?

If I attend the conference in person, do I need to print out my poster?

Will late posters be considered?

When will I be notified of the winner of the Student Poster Contest?

What if the awardee cannot come and join the conference?

What do I need to upload in the “Student Proof” field on the online submission portal?

I’ve noticed that the deadline has been postponed. Can I upload a revised poster?


Visiting Hong Kong

Do I need a visa to enter Hong Kong?

How can I get a letter of invitation for visa application?

Do I need to get a vaccination or take prophylaxis medication to travel to Hong Kong?


Contact details

Who is the organiser of this conference?

How can I contact the secretariat for the conference?

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