Abstract Submission Portal

Abstract Regulations & Guidelines

With the submission of an abstract to the APRU Global Health Conference 2019, the submitting author:

  • Accepts responsibility for the accuracy of the submitted abstract.

  • Confirms that all authors are aware of and agree to the content of the abstract and support the data presented in memo essay they create for the conference in order to reveal data that was researched.

  • Confirms the abstract derived from paper has not been previously published at the time of submission.

  • Agrees that in the event that the paper is published in advance of the Conference, the abstract will be withdrawn from presentation.

  • Gives permission for the abstract, when selected for presentation, to be published in the Conference proceedings.

  • Understands that no more than two abstracts can be submitted.

  • Confirms that the presenting author will register for the Conference by 30 August 2019. Accepted abstracts of authors who have not registered for the Conference will not be included in the programme nor publication.
    *Registration for the Conference will be open in May 2019

Language and modes of presentation

The abstract should be written in Standard English and in an intelligible fashion. The Scientific Committee has the right to reject abstracts which are presented in substandard English, or may request an immediate revision by the authors.

Authors who believe their manuscripts would benefit from professional editing are encouraged to use language-editing and copy-editing services. Obtaining this service is the responsibility of the author, and should be done before the submission of abstract.

Abstracts will be accepted for the following modes of presentation:

  • Oral presentation: 12-14 minutes for presentation and questions & answers

  • Poster presentation

* If the submitting author prefers poster presentation to oral presentation. Please indicate it when submitting the abstract.

** Click Student Poster Contest for more details.

Abstract Themes

Abstracts will be accepted for the following themes:

  1. Non-communicable diseases (e.g. mental health, smoking, diabetes, cardiovascular disease cancer)

  2. Infectious diseases

  3. Environment, health & active lifestyle (e.g. air pollution, climate change, physical activities, ageing, occupational health & safety, maternal & child health/reproductive health)

  4. Health systems & governance

  5. Smart city / technology

  6. Global health education & training

  7. Others (e.g. migration/displacement, natural disasters)


Abstract Format

In order for an abstract to be considered, the following rules should be observed:

  • Abstract titles should be brief (maximum of 30 words) and reflect the content of the abstract.

  • Commercial names should not be used in the abstract title.

  • No more than 10 authors should be listed. Professional title, institutional affiliations, cities and countries for each author should be stated.

  • Abstract Theme must be indicated.

  • Abstract text is required for submission for oral or poster presentation.

  • Abstract text should be submitted in structured paragraph format organised under the headings:

  1. Purpose

  2. Background

  3. Methods

  4. Results

  5. Conclusions (including Research implications and Clinical implications)

  • Abstracts containing more than 300 words will not be accepted. Figures, photographs, tables or charts are not allowed.

  • A short biography of the presenting author should be submitted.

  • Do not use I (cap i) or l (ell) for 1 (one), O (capital o) for 0 (zero) or ß (German esszett) for (beta).

  • If references are essential, they should be within the text, in the form: Murphy et al. BJU Int 2005; 95 27-30.


Abstract Submission Procedure

  • Abstract submission is via the Abstract Submission Portal. An account must be opened for abstract submission.

  • An abstract can be saved as draft for revisit. However, please ensure that you submit your final abstract before the deadline. Abstract drafts will not be considered for acceptance.

  • Only abstracts submitted online will be accepted.

  • An accepted abstract, by default, will be considered for oral and poster presentation. Submitting authors may indicate their presentation preference when submitting the abstracts.

  • Abstract submission is in text format only.

  • Abstracts must be submitted under one of the pre-defined themes.

  • Abstracts already submitted may only be edited before the abstract submission deadline.

  • Upon completion of abstract submission, the submitting author will receive a confirmation email containing an abstract number from the Conference Secretariat. This confirmation is a confirmation of abstract submission and NOT a notice of acceptance.

  • The Scientific Committee reserves the right to place the abstracts submitted under a different theme if it is deemed more appropriate.


Abstract Submission Deadline

Your submission must be received by 5 July 2019 at 11:59pm Pacific Time.

Abstract Selection Process

  • Abstracts will be judged solely on the data submitted. Statements such as "further data will be presented" are not acceptable and will result in the abstract being rejected.

  • Abstracts will be judged on the following criteria:

  1. Significance and Relevance

  2. Theoretical Foundation

  3. Innovation

  4. Approach and Findings

  5. Implications

  6. Clarity

  • The Conference Scientific Committee will make the selection of abstract for oral or poster in July.

  • The submitting author will receive an email with the result from the Scientific Committee by 31 July 2019. If the originally designated presenting author is unable to attend and present at the conference, he/she must assign another presenting author as a replacement.


Abstract Publication

  • All abstracts accepted for oral presentations will be published on the Journal of Global Health Sciences.

  • A few of the top abstracts will be selected and developed into full papers. They will be published in a special edition of the journal.

  • The abstracts selected for poster presentations will be evaluated and may stand the chance of publishing on the journal.

  • The Scientific Committee and the Editorial Board of the Journal of Global Health Sciences reserve the right to publish or not publish your abstracts.

For abstract enquiries, please contact
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